I live in a little beach shack on Malibu Road. A two mile stretch of beach front houses that epitomizes the world famous but positively misunderstood stretch of California coastline known as Malibu. 

This project is to be a visual journal of life on Malibu Road.  

Having seen the world as a professional photographer, this will be an ode to what I see each day.  

It will aim to capture the quirky juxtaposition of of old beach bungalows and modern edifices, of sea shells and sea lions, of surfers and spear fishers, of the locals and the weekend invaders, of sunrises and sunsets & dogs, lots of dogs.




The Photographer's Journal

The goal of the project will be the production of limited edition Photographers Journal.  Falling somewhere between book and magazine in construction, it will be a curated collection of images from the project spread across 40 pages.  Unique design & cutting edge papers will be used to give both tactile and visual resonance to the imagery and a thread stitch binding will keep the informal beach spirit.  The total edition will be limited to 250 just copies, each signed and numbered.


Fluent in most every form of professional camera equipment, I am looking to reconnect with some of the most basic forms of camera be it plastic holgas or pinholes; what they may lack in precision, they make up for it in warmth & character. Shooting to film, it will be lovingly scanned and brought into the modern world for printing on a state of the art digital press.

Summer Wrap

The photography and design phases will be done hand in hand allowing a quick production time, so expect the journal to be ready by midsummer.

 Save the Seals 

A portion of sales from each journal will be forwarded to the local wildlife center for the work they do rescuing and rehabilitating sea lions and other animals suffering from our unpredictable climate.  

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