When a friend asks to photograph a cashmere cape for a philanthropically inspired company she is founding, there is only one answer - of course.  

Three and a half years later that one cape has grown into a flourishing luxury lifestyle brand whose image I have had the opportunity to cultivate.   

This summer, we have seen our product placed at the POST RANCH INN  in Big Sur and the legendary AMANGANI in Jackson Hole which adds to our growing roster of boutiques and resort shops.  We are also launching ONE MOON VOYAGE to create bespoke travel accessories for the private travel industry. 

MISSION - Create a lifestyle brand that displays an elevated degree of luxury and elegance while embodying the élan of our California roots.   

As VISUAL DIRECTOR for the company, my contributions have been in the following fields : 

PHOTOGRAPHY - create the visual story of the brand through photography.

TYPOGRAPHY & DESIGN - create logos, look books & collateral material.  Reflecting the artisan craftsmanship of the pieces, have worked equally to bring the hand worked touch to the graphic elements of the brand such as letterpress hangtags.

BRAND BUILDING - from product naming & copyright to product design & development have assisted in building a brand from the first inception.  

ECOMMERCE - design, build and maintain evolving e-commerce site.

GIVING - as a philanthropically driven company, have had the honor to share time with the underprivileged at various shelters & programs.